Sep 21, 2006

one down, six to go.

i finally finished my sweater! i have knitted the whole thing twice now (except for the ribbed trim). the first try was waaaay too big. i've got a partially-finished ribbon yarn tank top that's going to have to be ripped out, too. but anyway, i finished this one! i've even woven in all the ends, which usually takes me months to get up the energy to do. i used noro silver thaw; it's so beautiful. these pictures really don't do it justice. if anyone wants more information of what i used/what i did, i'd be happy to share.

sometimes i wonder...

here's a sign someone had posted on their door at my brother's college last spring. i'd forgotten that i'd taken a picture of it... i'm shocked it actually turned out.

Sep 18, 2006

attempt at your own risk.

"you must be the change you wish to see in the world."
mahatma ghandi

it sounds so simple, but it can be so freakin' hard. especially when everyone around you doesn't care about changing the world and they just roll along on the conspicuous consumerism/environmental destruction train. ugh.

(i will say that it's a bit easier when you spend roughly 9 hours in a biology building doing grad student-y things monday through friday. but that doesn't leave much time for advocacy or blogging or sleep.)