Nov 26, 2007

la soupe francaise dans le crock pot americain.

for some reason, i think of making soups as being very time-consuming, so i generally like to throw everything in the baby crock pot and let it do its thing. i usually throw in anything that looks good, but this time i decided to try an actual recipe. not that i really followed it, but it ended up pretty tasty anyway.

soupe au pistou les montilles - natural health magazine dec/jan 2008


  • didn't measure anything.
  • i used 1 leek, 1 carrot, handful of green beans, part of a potato, 1 zucchini, and basically everything else measured by what looked right.
  • i didn't saute the leeks and carrots first.
  • i dumped everything into the crock pot except for the pistou and let it go overnight.
  • instead of fresh basil, i used herbes de provence for the pistou. seemed appropriate, and i put herbes de provence in everything anyway.

in the future:

  • i would boil the macaroni separately rather than letting it cook in the soup overnight. it kind of disintegrated.
  • and i think i would chop the potato finer so that it will disintegrate.

Nov 22, 2007

vegetable soup.

this is my second attempt at making up a vegetable soup/chili recipe. i don't really remember much about the first attempt except that i made waaaay too much and it was really spicy. it's been long enough since i made this that i'm not sure i remember everything. naturally i didn't write anything down. this version was much better than my first try; it's a lot thicker and the flavors are a lot stronger. i think next time i'll add some chili powder and beans and go for more a chili than a soup.

vegetable soup in the mini-crock pot:
1/2 bag of frozen vegetable soup mix
1 can condensed tomato soup
1 can diced tomatoes with sweet onions
garlic powder to taste
1 zucchini, chopped and quartered

basically i just dumped everything in the crock pot and let it do its thing overnight. the only way it could be easier is if you leave out the zucchini. for a thinner soup, you can add some water. i didn't add any because the water coming off of the thawing frozen veggies will temper the condensed soup a bit on its own.

hey, look! a new post!

i have a minor obsession with the tiny-sized martha stewart magazine everday food. while most of my cookbooks go untouched, my issues of everyday food do see some action. this is a modified version of the baked ziti on page 95 of the october 2007 issue. i skipped the salad; i'm not much of a lettuce-eater. the biggest modification i made to the ziti itself was to add meat. i have no idea how much i added (maybe 1/3-pound?), i just threw in however much ground beef i had in the freezer. i think the next time i make it i might use cottage cheese instead of ricotta (that's how my mom used to make lasagna when i was little), and i'm definitely going to reserve more cheese to sprinkle over the top. i made the entire recipe just for me, and i must say that it reheated really nicely. normally i'm too ADD for leftovers, but i ate the entire thing over the course of a few days, and i didn't get tired of it.

Aug 1, 2007

something with noro.

okay, i know i wasn't supposed to be starting new projects, but here's what happened...
i went out to the lys just to look. i was in a really bad mood, and i was in that part of town anyway, and i had every intention of just looking. but then i went into the clearance room, and sitting before me were two skeins of noro silk garden marked down as they were the last of their respective dye lots. noro! on sale! and one of the skeins just happened to be in the same colorway as an orphan skein from the bag i had made some time ago! clearly, it had to go home with me. and so it did, along with another skein in a complementary colorway.

i had been eyeing those striped noro scarves people love to post about on their blogs for quite some time (this one in particular...), and now i had such a good excuse to make one. i just worked the whole thing k1, p1 on size 10 needles and it knitted up really quickly. i don't like an excessively long scarf; i knit a scarf until it is as long as i am tall (64"), so i had enough yarn left over to crochet a hat as well. for the hat and scarf, i used 4 skeins in total, 2 of silk garden 8, 1 of silk garden 87, and 1 of kureyon 92. um, yeah... if you're wondering how that kureyon got in there, i had to make a second trip to the yarn store... i know. i have no self control. but at least i finished these projects for once! notes on the hat and pictures of the happy couple coming soon.

Jun 12, 2007

some incentive.

i really want to make this.
and this.
and something with noro.
but that means spending $$$$, and i really must finish my on-going projects before i can sink a ton of money into new projects. ideally, i would finish all of them, but i might cut myself some slack on the test pattern afghan. i don't even have all the yarn for that, so i might hang on to that one as a good travel project that can stretch out forever, no guilt. that's basically what i've been doing anyway. meanwhile, i've made some pretty admirable progress on a sock.

i keep telling myself that if i buy the new yarn, i'll just work harder on the old projects. yeah, right. like that has ever worked. i guess i better get crackin'.

slighty off topic, but i love the rowan summer tweed that the hoodie is made out of. gorgeous. and it seems like it wouldn't be too ridiculously heavy/hot to actually wear. i've seen the summer tweed all over the place. the part of me that wants to buy yarn RIGHT NOW keeps telling me that if i wait too long, it will all be gone and i'll be stuck. surely i could find summer tweed online even if it is not exactly summer any longer? right?

in other news, i (heart) mercerized anything. wool? cotton? yes, please. love it!

Jun 3, 2007

things i've actually finished.

this is pretty much everything i made during the last school year. or at least it's everything i've made that i've finished and not given away. from the top left: headband/scarf thing i made for maroon and orange effect day. i didn't bring any of my tech stuff with me from williamsburg, so i had to improvise. i cranked it out in about 30 minutes before i went to school that morning. "ribbons" i made for maroon and orange effect day. the big ones are crocheted, the small ones are ribbon and a yarn crochet chain. a beret that i am very unsure about, as you can tell from the photo. i like the reverse stockinette side better than the stockinette side. you can find the pattern here. you really only need one skein for the adult hat if you don't make a pompom for the top. the noro bag you've probably either seen in the ads in the back of interweave or in your local yarn store. i made mine in silk garden instead of kureyon. i haven't done so yet, but i'm going to line it so it won't stretch so much. headband i made from a pattern in interweave winter. it's patons classic merino in rosewood. it does not really stay on my head, but i love a project you can knock out in a couple days with cables AND bobbles.

May 20, 2007

this is just sad.

forgot about the FOUR PAIRS OF SOCKS that i started in DECEMBER, three of which were intended as christmas presents. i am a ridiculous person.

May 19, 2007


i have this problem of buying materials and starting new projects when i get bored with my old projects. it's really out of hand right now... i haven't finished anything since i was studying for my comprehensive exams in april. maybe making a list of all the projects i have "active" would help me finish something. assuming i can remember them all...

1. green sweater started in august
2. ribbon yarn tank top started god-knows-when
3. crocheted blazer/sweater
4. black and white striped scarf
5. assorted craftivism projects
6. colorblock test pattern afghan
7. pink scarf
8. maroon effect scarf ripped it out.
9. crazy green quilt

damn. maybe i should take pictures of all these guys.

Apr 15, 2007

this blog is about crafts.

i am obsessed with craft blogs. obsessed. and i really wanted my own, so this is a craft blog now. i'll probably just post things that i've made as i make them, but hopefully i'll be able to post tutorials and whatnot as well. stay tuned...