May 20, 2007

this is just sad.

forgot about the FOUR PAIRS OF SOCKS that i started in DECEMBER, three of which were intended as christmas presents. i am a ridiculous person.

May 19, 2007


i have this problem of buying materials and starting new projects when i get bored with my old projects. it's really out of hand right now... i haven't finished anything since i was studying for my comprehensive exams in april. maybe making a list of all the projects i have "active" would help me finish something. assuming i can remember them all...

1. green sweater started in august
2. ribbon yarn tank top started god-knows-when
3. crocheted blazer/sweater
4. black and white striped scarf
5. assorted craftivism projects
6. colorblock test pattern afghan
7. pink scarf
8. maroon effect scarf ripped it out.
9. crazy green quilt

damn. maybe i should take pictures of all these guys.