Jun 12, 2007

some incentive.

i really want to make this.
and this.
and something with noro.
but that means spending $$$$, and i really must finish my on-going projects before i can sink a ton of money into new projects. ideally, i would finish all of them, but i might cut myself some slack on the test pattern afghan. i don't even have all the yarn for that, so i might hang on to that one as a good travel project that can stretch out forever, no guilt. that's basically what i've been doing anyway. meanwhile, i've made some pretty admirable progress on a sock.

i keep telling myself that if i buy the new yarn, i'll just work harder on the old projects. yeah, right. like that has ever worked. i guess i better get crackin'.

slighty off topic, but i love the rowan summer tweed that the hoodie is made out of. gorgeous. and it seems like it wouldn't be too ridiculously heavy/hot to actually wear. i've seen the summer tweed all over the place. the part of me that wants to buy yarn RIGHT NOW keeps telling me that if i wait too long, it will all be gone and i'll be stuck. surely i could find summer tweed online even if it is not exactly summer any longer? right?

in other news, i (heart) mercerized anything. wool? cotton? yes, please. love it!

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