Aug 1, 2007

something with noro.

okay, i know i wasn't supposed to be starting new projects, but here's what happened...
i went out to the lys just to look. i was in a really bad mood, and i was in that part of town anyway, and i had every intention of just looking. but then i went into the clearance room, and sitting before me were two skeins of noro silk garden marked down as they were the last of their respective dye lots. noro! on sale! and one of the skeins just happened to be in the same colorway as an orphan skein from the bag i had made some time ago! clearly, it had to go home with me. and so it did, along with another skein in a complementary colorway.

i had been eyeing those striped noro scarves people love to post about on their blogs for quite some time (this one in particular...), and now i had such a good excuse to make one. i just worked the whole thing k1, p1 on size 10 needles and it knitted up really quickly. i don't like an excessively long scarf; i knit a scarf until it is as long as i am tall (64"), so i had enough yarn left over to crochet a hat as well. for the hat and scarf, i used 4 skeins in total, 2 of silk garden 8, 1 of silk garden 87, and 1 of kureyon 92. um, yeah... if you're wondering how that kureyon got in there, i had to make a second trip to the yarn store... i know. i have no self control. but at least i finished these projects for once! notes on the hat and pictures of the happy couple coming soon.

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