Nov 22, 2007

hey, look! a new post!

i have a minor obsession with the tiny-sized martha stewart magazine everday food. while most of my cookbooks go untouched, my issues of everyday food do see some action. this is a modified version of the baked ziti on page 95 of the october 2007 issue. i skipped the salad; i'm not much of a lettuce-eater. the biggest modification i made to the ziti itself was to add meat. i have no idea how much i added (maybe 1/3-pound?), i just threw in however much ground beef i had in the freezer. i think the next time i make it i might use cottage cheese instead of ricotta (that's how my mom used to make lasagna when i was little), and i'm definitely going to reserve more cheese to sprinkle over the top. i made the entire recipe just for me, and i must say that it reheated really nicely. normally i'm too ADD for leftovers, but i ate the entire thing over the course of a few days, and i didn't get tired of it.

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