Jan 27, 2008

i don't think this is what richard dawkins had in mind.

i'm not necessarily one to participate in memes, but i've seen this one in a few places, and it looked like fun, i figured why not? who wouldn't want a soundtrack to their life? if you haven't seen this before, basically what you do if write down all the situations/events, put your itunes on shuffle, and then fill in whatever pops up in order.

opening credits: the beautiful occupation - travis

waking up: no regrets - robbie williams

first day at school: there's a girl - the ditty bops

falling in love: the underdog - spoon
more appriate than you might think

breaking up: innocence - avril lavigne
apparently i'm very resistant to this break-up. and delusional.

prom: beautiful disaster - kelly clarkson
perfect. absolutely perfect.

life's okay: champagne supernova - oasis

mental breakdown: could be anything - the eames era

driving: warning sign - coldplay

flashback: dying of silence - phantom planet

getting back together: oh god - jamie cullum

wedding: a place to crash - robbie williams
too funny: "love? i'm a cynical bitch/gonna scratch that itch with a bitch like you."

birth of a child: you're not welcome here - phantom planet

final battle: sex without love - ben lee

death scene: union - the black eyed peas

end credits: always be - jimmy eat world

i think my movie is a sad one. either that or an extremely long john hughes film. i think molly ringwald circa 1986 should star in it.

Jan 5, 2008

FOs like you wouldn't believe.

i can hardly believe how many things i finished while i was home. amazing how much knitting you can get done when you aren't bogged down in work. i finally finished the green cabled sweater from blogs past in addition to three (three!) hats, at least one of which i think i will actually wear since it accomodates a ponytail nicely, covers my ears, AND is supersoft. i also made a little crocheted basket for my bathroom to put cotton balls or something in. totally an old lady project, but i kind of love it. i don't know how cute exactly a crocheted basket can be, but this one is pretty damn cute, and it only took an hour or so to make. i'll post more about it after i finish a second one.

Jan 1, 2008

holidays are for knitting.

as part of a very strong effort to completely ignore my thesis while on my precious, precious break, i have gotten a lot of knitting done. i've nearly completed two hats, this one and this one, gotten maybe 1/3 of the way through the sugarplum shrug from the holiday issue of interweave knits, and gotten a little work done on a green, cabled sweater that i started over a year ago. the green sweater is very nearly done; i just have a bit more seaming and some general finishing to get done, and then that baby is wearable. (i hope.) oh, and i crocheted a little basket to put cotton balls or something in in my bathroom. so yeah, very, very prolific so far this break. hopefully my productivity will continue as far as taking pictures on posting them online. what can i say? i dare to dream. if nothing else, i think all this voracious knitting/crocheting has calmed me down to the point where i'm no longer clenching my jaw constantly. awesome.