Jan 1, 2008

holidays are for knitting.

as part of a very strong effort to completely ignore my thesis while on my precious, precious break, i have gotten a lot of knitting done. i've nearly completed two hats, this one and this one, gotten maybe 1/3 of the way through the sugarplum shrug from the holiday issue of interweave knits, and gotten a little work done on a green, cabled sweater that i started over a year ago. the green sweater is very nearly done; i just have a bit more seaming and some general finishing to get done, and then that baby is wearable. (i hope.) oh, and i crocheted a little basket to put cotton balls or something in in my bathroom. so yeah, very, very prolific so far this break. hopefully my productivity will continue as far as taking pictures on posting them online. what can i say? i dare to dream. if nothing else, i think all this voracious knitting/crocheting has calmed me down to the point where i'm no longer clenching my jaw constantly. awesome.

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Interesting to know.