Jan 27, 2008

i don't think this is what richard dawkins had in mind.

i'm not necessarily one to participate in memes, but i've seen this one in a few places, and it looked like fun, i figured why not? who wouldn't want a soundtrack to their life? if you haven't seen this before, basically what you do if write down all the situations/events, put your itunes on shuffle, and then fill in whatever pops up in order.

opening credits: the beautiful occupation - travis

waking up: no regrets - robbie williams

first day at school: there's a girl - the ditty bops

falling in love: the underdog - spoon
more appriate than you might think

breaking up: innocence - avril lavigne
apparently i'm very resistant to this break-up. and delusional.

prom: beautiful disaster - kelly clarkson
perfect. absolutely perfect.

life's okay: champagne supernova - oasis

mental breakdown: could be anything - the eames era

driving: warning sign - coldplay

flashback: dying of silence - phantom planet

getting back together: oh god - jamie cullum

wedding: a place to crash - robbie williams
too funny: "love? i'm a cynical bitch/gonna scratch that itch with a bitch like you."

birth of a child: you're not welcome here - phantom planet

final battle: sex without love - ben lee

death scene: union - the black eyed peas

end credits: always be - jimmy eat world

i think my movie is a sad one. either that or an extremely long john hughes film. i think molly ringwald circa 1986 should star in it.

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