Jun 29, 2008

ratatouille, omg.

i may have created the most delicious variation on ratatouille known to man. or i may have just been really hungry when i ate it. i had all this squash from the farmers' market, and i had originally planned to make an assorted-squashes parmesan with them. upon further consideration, i decided that a parmesan would actually be a horrible idea because i am lactose intolerant and tomato sauce angers my stomach in a rather irrational way. since i had just seen the very adorable movie "ratatouille," i thought maybe i'd give that a shot instead. it was a stroke of frickin' genius.

i basically used this everyday food recipe, but, since i never actually follow a recipe, i made some changes:

  • i used a red onion.
  • rather than using two pounds of eggplant and two pounds of zucchini, i used two smallish oriental eggplants, a zucchini, a yellow squash, and a pattypan squash.
  • i'm lazy and bad about using up fresh herbs and spices before they get gross, so i used dried spices and garlic paste.
  • i didn't use any bell peppers because i don't really like them.
  • i added about half a bag of italian-seasoned croutons when i added in the tomatoes. this may have been the key. they had just a little bit of cheese in them that made everything stick together in a very nice way.

when i searched martha's recipe finder for "ratatouille," this popped up, so i poached an egg on top of a single serving for the last 5 minutes or so of cooking. my egg did not sit as gracefully on top of the ratatouille, and came out of the pan even less gracefully, but it was still delicious.