Jul 29, 2008

inspiration shows up in strange places: a post in 3 acts.

act i
that calculator has been sitting on my desk for weeks. i often end up staring at it when staring at the word document that contains my master's thesis loses its appeal. i have had this calculator since i was in 7th grade. while my favorite thing about it might be that it's solar-powered, the color combination on the face is a very close runner-up. i don't know exactly what it is about these colors, but i love them together. i'm trying to think of a way to incorporate them all into one project. maybe this? normally i would say that i'm not so into yellow, but lately it's really been growing on me. i love it as an accent color, especially with grey.

act ii
i'm also a little bit stuck on the cover of the aug/sept issue of bust. i wouldn't say that i'm much of an orange person, but i'm really into this cover, particularly the orange. hot pink, orange, & brown. it looks so fresh! i love how the orange gloves match the orange font. i need to come up with a way to work all those colors into something else. probably not a garment, because i have a suspicion that i would look a little jaundiced or perhaps a little dead in these colors. maybe if i tone things down a bit or keep the hot pink & orange away from my face it could be workable.

act iii
i've been thinking about doing some sort of daily post or daily picture, inspired by this. i wear jeans & a t-shirt basically every day, so i'm not sure a daily picture of what i'm wearing would be very interesting. biologists are not necessarily known for their creative, compelling sense of style. i'm considering a year of mornings &, when i say mornings, i'm talking first thing in the morning. no shower, no makeup, still in my pajamas. i'm not sure why exactly i think it might be a good idea to publicly post pictures of myself looking my absolute worst, but, since some steroids might be in my future to get this stomach business under control, i think it could be interesting to document how my face changes if i get the dreaded "moon face." realistically though, i can see myself taking the pictures, but i have a harder time seeing myself uploading & editing pictures on a daily basis, especially if i look terrible in them all. i'll have to keep thinking... (beth, if you're reading, we could totally turn this into a friend project! maybe not the first-thing-in-the-morning thing though.)

Jul 22, 2008

intestines are over-rated.

foods on the bad list
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i am sick in a mysterious intestinal disorder kind of way. the GP i saw said that it sounds like either IBS or IBD (ulcerative colitis or crohn's). if you have one of those diseases or know someone does, you probably have an idea of how ugly things are right now. when i was less sick (and in denial about being sick), going to a gastroenterologist and having the necessary tests done sounded so awful. far too scary to actually tell someone what was going on or see a doctor. at this point, i would gladly have a colonoscopy right now, because this crap has got to stop (pun intended... teehee).

i can be very type A, so i've been really upset over my complete lack of control over my body. while i was searching for something i could do to make things a little better until i can see the gastroenterologist, i came across a list of foods people report as causing issues and generally being hard to digest. as i read the list, i was mentally checking off the items that i know make me sick. it was pretty much the whole thing, so i decided to cut out as much as i could easily manage. the picture is of all the stuff in my pantry that i had to get rid of. don't worry; i'm giving it all away, not throwing it all away. i guess i'm still more or less in caffeine/sugar withdrawal because looking at the picture makes me really sad, but i feel a lot better without all that temptation sitting around my apartment. on the bright side, monitoring my diet a lot more closely has made me feel a lot better. it's hardly a magic bullet, but, to close with another poop joke, it's definitely helping me wait it out with the gastroenterologist without totally losing my shit. literally.

done and done.

yoga mat bag, check.
new yoga mat, check.

you can get a lot of knitting done when you feel too awful to do anything else.

Jul 1, 2008

om yoga mat bag and inner peace, wip

om yoga mat bag
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as soon as i saw that someone on ravelry had had the brilliance to knit this yoga mat bag in a self-striping yarn, i knew i had to make it in noro. i guess silver thaw is being discontinued, or at least they're not going to sell it at knitting sisters anymore, because i got the yarn on sale. as long as silk garden is here to stay i can't be too upset, but i hate to lose my favorite yarn. at least when the yarn gods taketh away, they giveth a twenty-five percent discount first.

the loss of silver thaw is one of the more trivial things i can work through on the mat. my yoga mat has seen better days; i've had it for about six years now, so it has seen a lot of sweaty feet and palms. lately, i've been feeling like the stickiness of the mat is starting to go. i'll be working so hard to push my heels to the floor in my downward dog, and i'll feel my hands and feet start to slip out from under me. really annoying. i think a new mat is definitely in my future. the question is, however, do i wait and buy something to match the gorgeous new yoga mat bag once i finish it? or do i get something now? i guess i should probably start looking around, because face-planting in the middle of my practice is going to make it a lot harder to hold on to inner peace.