Jul 29, 2008

inspiration shows up in strange places: a post in 3 acts.

act i
that calculator has been sitting on my desk for weeks. i often end up staring at it when staring at the word document that contains my master's thesis loses its appeal. i have had this calculator since i was in 7th grade. while my favorite thing about it might be that it's solar-powered, the color combination on the face is a very close runner-up. i don't know exactly what it is about these colors, but i love them together. i'm trying to think of a way to incorporate them all into one project. maybe this? normally i would say that i'm not so into yellow, but lately it's really been growing on me. i love it as an accent color, especially with grey.

act ii
i'm also a little bit stuck on the cover of the aug/sept issue of bust. i wouldn't say that i'm much of an orange person, but i'm really into this cover, particularly the orange. hot pink, orange, & brown. it looks so fresh! i love how the orange gloves match the orange font. i need to come up with a way to work all those colors into something else. probably not a garment, because i have a suspicion that i would look a little jaundiced or perhaps a little dead in these colors. maybe if i tone things down a bit or keep the hot pink & orange away from my face it could be workable.

act iii
i've been thinking about doing some sort of daily post or daily picture, inspired by this. i wear jeans & a t-shirt basically every day, so i'm not sure a daily picture of what i'm wearing would be very interesting. biologists are not necessarily known for their creative, compelling sense of style. i'm considering a year of mornings &, when i say mornings, i'm talking first thing in the morning. no shower, no makeup, still in my pajamas. i'm not sure why exactly i think it might be a good idea to publicly post pictures of myself looking my absolute worst, but, since some steroids might be in my future to get this stomach business under control, i think it could be interesting to document how my face changes if i get the dreaded "moon face." realistically though, i can see myself taking the pictures, but i have a harder time seeing myself uploading & editing pictures on a daily basis, especially if i look terrible in them all. i'll have to keep thinking... (beth, if you're reading, we could totally turn this into a friend project! maybe not the first-thing-in-the-morning thing though.)

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