Jul 22, 2008

intestines are over-rated.

foods on the bad list
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i am sick in a mysterious intestinal disorder kind of way. the GP i saw said that it sounds like either IBS or IBD (ulcerative colitis or crohn's). if you have one of those diseases or know someone does, you probably have an idea of how ugly things are right now. when i was less sick (and in denial about being sick), going to a gastroenterologist and having the necessary tests done sounded so awful. far too scary to actually tell someone what was going on or see a doctor. at this point, i would gladly have a colonoscopy right now, because this crap has got to stop (pun intended... teehee).

i can be very type A, so i've been really upset over my complete lack of control over my body. while i was searching for something i could do to make things a little better until i can see the gastroenterologist, i came across a list of foods people report as causing issues and generally being hard to digest. as i read the list, i was mentally checking off the items that i know make me sick. it was pretty much the whole thing, so i decided to cut out as much as i could easily manage. the picture is of all the stuff in my pantry that i had to get rid of. don't worry; i'm giving it all away, not throwing it all away. i guess i'm still more or less in caffeine/sugar withdrawal because looking at the picture makes me really sad, but i feel a lot better without all that temptation sitting around my apartment. on the bright side, monitoring my diet a lot more closely has made me feel a lot better. it's hardly a magic bullet, but, to close with another poop joke, it's definitely helping me wait it out with the gastroenterologist without totally losing my shit. literally.

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