Jul 1, 2008

om yoga mat bag and inner peace, wip

om yoga mat bag
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as soon as i saw that someone on ravelry had had the brilliance to knit this yoga mat bag in a self-striping yarn, i knew i had to make it in noro. i guess silver thaw is being discontinued, or at least they're not going to sell it at knitting sisters anymore, because i got the yarn on sale. as long as silk garden is here to stay i can't be too upset, but i hate to lose my favorite yarn. at least when the yarn gods taketh away, they giveth a twenty-five percent discount first.

the loss of silver thaw is one of the more trivial things i can work through on the mat. my yoga mat has seen better days; i've had it for about six years now, so it has seen a lot of sweaty feet and palms. lately, i've been feeling like the stickiness of the mat is starting to go. i'll be working so hard to push my heels to the floor in my downward dog, and i'll feel my hands and feet start to slip out from under me. really annoying. i think a new mat is definitely in my future. the question is, however, do i wait and buy something to match the gorgeous new yoga mat bag once i finish it? or do i get something now? i guess i should probably start looking around, because face-planting in the middle of my practice is going to make it a lot harder to hold on to inner peace.

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