Sep 20, 2008


the verdict is in. IBS & acid reflux are the culprits in the great mystery of my screwed up body. it's a relief to finally have names for what's wrong with me, & it's even more of a relief to know that i don't have Crohn's or ulcerative colitis. i have meds for the acid reflux, & i'm reading about how to control the IBS. (sidebar: i used to avoid talking about my "meds" because i thought that someone who refers to their medications as such must be taking a lot of medications. i take less than 10 medicines a day, but i figure someone with 2 heart conditions, 2 extra bones, 3 digestive conditions, & an ever-growing list of allergies and sensitivities has earned the right to use the abbreviation.) there isn't a good prescription drug for the type of IBS that i have, so i'm hoping to learn the secrets to managing it on a daily basis. i don't want to be treating symptoms as they pop up if there's a way to get at the root of it all instead.

so yeah. i'm working on getting all my health issues resolved, writing my thesis, teaching chemistry labs (i'm an animal behaviorist), & getting ready to launch an etsy shop. that doesn't leave much time for blogging, posting to ravelry, or uploading photos to flickr. however, i'm hoping that a few weeks without a road trip will free up some time so i can get more done on all of those things mentioned above, & maybe i'll even squeeze in some blog action, probably in the form of a kellymagelli etsy shop preview. we'll see how all that works out.

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