Sep 27, 2008

etsy shop preview #1

some friends & i had a discussion awhile back about how we wanted a signature necklace or a signature pendant that we could wear every day with anything. a few days later, i noticed that one of the baristas at my usual coffee shop was wearing a necklace with a tiny green stone on a thin, delicate chain. when we had talked about a signature pendant, i had been thinking along the lines of something gold or silver, like the floating heart necklaces from tiffany that every college-aged girl seemed to be wearing 4 or 5 years ago, but, when i saw this woman's necklace, i thought a single small bead or stone on a simple chain would be perfect for a signature necklace. the necklace adds a tiny pop of color, & the stone is so small that it can still be worn with essentially anything regardless of color. & so the signature necklace was born.

this is actually the second version of the necklace; the original that i made for myself has a jade bead instead of green turquoise. i only bought one jade bead when i got supplies for the first necklace, and, when i went back for more, they were gone. the green turquoise is a great substitute. it's such a vivid green, and it will look great with just about anything. my apologies for the crappy photography. the picture looks okay at the smaller size, but the full size image is pretty bad.

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