Sep 29, 2008

IBS awareness necklace
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it was important to me that some of the items from my shop benefit charity. it was also important to me that the charity pieces be something that people would want to wear even if they weren't also helping a good cause, so you can wear these pieces & people will not automatically assume that your jewelry supports a particular cause. i decided to go with an IBS-related group & an IBD-related group for my first two charity pieces because i spent a lot of time researching these group of disorders while i was waiting to hear which one i have. what i found was that neither is well understood or well researched, & i felt like this is a place where even small donations have the potential to make a big impact.

$5 from the sale of this necklace will go to the international foundation for functional gastrointestinal disorders (including IBS). when someone has a functional disorder what it really means is that, were they subjected to a battery of tests by a team of doctors, they would not show any of the typical signs of disease. functional diseases also do not lead to more serious complications. it does not mean that people with functional disorders do not experience significant symptoms, that their lives are unaffected by their disorder, or that their symptoms are all in their head. with the right combination or support & knowledge, most people eventually can learn to manage their symptoms & lead as normal a life as possible. the IFFGD seeks to help people diagnosed with functional gastrointestinal disorders by increasing awareness, providing support, & encouraging research. for a close-up of the bead at the center of this necklace, check out my photostream.

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