Nov 29, 2008

folk art museum
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almost a month ago exactly, i defended my master's thesis in williamsburg. for as long as i was aware of its existence, i wanted to go to the abby alrich rockefeller folk art museum in colonial williamsburg, but never managed to fit it in. the day after my defense, i had a few "debriefing"-type appointments with a couple faculty members, & i had to find a way to kill the morning/afternoon. this was, obviously, the perfect opportunity to go to the folk art museum.

colonial williamsburg is free for willam & mary students, but, given my overly-conscientious nature, i had to ask the older lady at the ticket desk if the museum is free for william & mary students. it, of course, is, and, after digging around in my bag for my student id for awhile, the lady told me to just go in. i look like i'm probably a freshman in college rather than the proud holder of a master's degree, so i don't think there was any doubt in her mind that i'm a student.

i wandered around for awhile, by far most enthralled by the pictures like this one with bright colors and scenes of the country in different seasons. this is probably because i have an addiction to bright colors and spent most of my life watching the seasons change in the country. i was much less enthralled by the other visitors to the museum who barely looked at the installations or, worse, made comments like "we already have one of those." annoying tourists aside, i had a lovely day at the museum, created some art of my own, and ate a really tasty lunch in the museum cafeteria.

i love folk art because people create it not because they have the training or it's their job, but because they have an intrinsic need to make art. this is something i get. if i spend too much time working without interjecting some art &/or creativity into my life, i get really irritable. i just need to make things.

i left the museum feeling so inspired, particularly by the cheery paintings in the farm room like this one. when i walked out of the museum past the lady at the ticket booth, she said to me, "i hope you found what you were looking for." i'm sure that she must have assumed that i was there on a weekday because i needed something for a class, even though i certainly had not indicated so, but i was leaving so full of artistic motivation that i replied, "yes, i think i did."

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