Dec 16, 2008

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despite not being a particularly religious person, i really love the holidays. like i really, really freakin' get-a-little-depressed-when-they're-over love them. it comes as no surprise really; i like colorful and pretty things, and just about everything is plastered with color and prettiness this time of year. i don't really go in for the overdone, fake displays at malls though. i like the tackier and/or handmade side of christmas. i like checking out the lights in people's yards, flipping through the pages of the december issue of martha stewart living with a big cup of hot chocolate, & putting the finishing touch on a present with a bow made from a target bag. when i'm warm and cozy in my house & looking at my christmas tree exploding with ornaments my family has collected in years of travel, this mix is what i listen to.

update: mixwit is no more, so my mix is no more... sorry, dudes!

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