Jan 17, 2009

barack attack!
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after the election, i ran across a pattern for a barack obama finger puppet from lion brand yarn on ravelry. i was/am so, so excited that obama won the election that i knew i had to start cranking out some puppets for myself & fellow obama supporters. playing around with one of the puppets one night, i discovered that they look really cute/funny if you flap the arms around like he's really, really excited. this discovery clearly lead to a need for a video. thus, i took 20 seconds of crappy video of an obama puppet flapping his arms around & then another 5 or so of him waving. a little imovie magic, & now that baby is up on youtube.

did you see the video? do you want your own obama finger puppet? you have two options:

1. go the lion brand website, search for "barack obama" & make yourself a puppet. (you have to be a member to access the free patterns, so you may have to sign up for the free membership to do this.)

2. leave me a comment here, &, if you ask super, super nicely, i might make you one. if you know me personally, then you could just IM or email or whatever.

there is a possibility of a third option, though it is not yet a reality. because i have altered the obama pattern slightly to suit my own tastes, i may put some obamas in my etsy shop. if that happens, i will announce it here & possibly on the youtube site.

enjoy the inauguration, & get ready for a new, hopeful chapter in american history!

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