Jan 21, 2009

i started reading 'diy: the rise of lo-fi culture' by amy spencer today, & i barely cracked the spine before i became totally inspired to create an IBS zine. i'm thinking about drawing the whole thing, scanning it, & then posting it all to this space rather than making hard copies. if i do decide to sell any, i will definitely be donating some or all of the proceeds to iffgd. i think it will be very therapeutic for me to create a zine about this, & it might help someone who's just starting down the IBS road. i'm not that far into my own 'recovery,' so i'm sure that i will learn much more about managing my own particular brand of the disorder, & i will have lots to write/draw about for some time to come.

i don't have any samples of what i've drawn so far because i need to charge my camera's batteries & the scanner is having issues, but i hope to have something up here soon. the working title for the zine is 'blow it out your ass: kellymagelli's guide to D-dominant IBS.' i think it's a funny title, & it suggests a little bit of my attitude towards certain aspects of living with the disorder. specifically, i try to take this kind of attitude when someone makes me feel guilty or defective because i happen to have IBS. i'm a pathological people-pleaser. if i don't remind myself that having IBS is not the result of some sort of failure on my part & that taking care of myself has to be my top priority, i can let others bring me down pretty quickly. i do not actually tell people to blow it our their asses. if i could communicate something to others with IBS, it would be along the lines of this: it is not your fault. sometimes it's going to be frustrating and hard, but make sure you take care of yourself. no one is going to do it for you.

i haven't had a good drawing project in awhile, & i drew so much today that the tip of my index finger is actually sore from pressing down on a pencil. it feels really good though. it's good to have something to take my mind off of my busted nose (slipped & fell straight on my nose while hiking) & a substantial project to work on while i wait to get all the substitute teaching paperwork sorted out. (background checks take a long time! who knew?)

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