Mar 31, 2009

i haven't been feeling so hot lately, so i'm going on a crusade to get healthy. every year i think about doing the self challenge, but i hate exercising for the sake of exercising, & i especially hate doing intervals. (why does every cardio workout in every health magazine have to involve intervals? i know they tone you up faster & melt lots of fat, but what if you don't really want to shed pounds? what if you just want to sleep better & be less wheezy when you hike? i know, i know... wanting to maintain my current weight is a problem kind of like having too much money.)

i feel like i need some sort of guidelines if i'm going to actually do anything about my health, so i think i'm going to loosely follow body + soul's 5 week challenge. the first week is a detox, & then the following weeks focus on eating right, exercising, reducing stress, & increasing your energy. maybe i've just drunk the life coach-meditation-journaling kool-aid, but i like that the focus of the challenge is more on feeling better than on looking hot in bikini. i'm just looking for a way out of the bad IBS spiral i'm currently in since my usual tactics aren't really working. i think the challenge is supposed to start on a monday, but i think i'm going to go ahead and start this thursday. i'm going to be housesitting, and that seems like a perfect time to do my super-specific food detox.

i'm also planning to do a detox of stuff, though i won't be starting on that while i'm housesitting. i read in the current issue of b + s (teehee) about the positive changes brought about by getting rid of the things that no longer fit into your life. i've gone through my clothes & given away a lot of things that no longer fit, but there's still a lot of baggage lurking in my closet & drawers. now is the perfect time to let go: i will be starting a new career in a new city pretty soon, so reassessing my stuff makes sense. i don't want to lug a bunch of stuff halfway across the country so it can clutter up my apartment. i have perhaps not a lot, but enough, things that i bought because i thought i should have them, like teacher clothes that don't really suit me & books that i think i should read as a scientist/intelligent/cool/worldly person. that stuff just weighs me down, literally (if it's in a box that i'm loading into my car) & figuratively. it is the physical manifestation of emotional baggage. there's something tiring about looking in your closet or on your bookshelf & seeing things that technically belong to you, but really belong to the made-up person that you think you should be. when i was first diagnosed with IBS, i slowly started cutting out the things (food, people, academia, etc.) that trigger flares. the stress that comes from emotional baggage (not to mention the stress that comes from tripping over stuff) is definitely something that i can let go.

Mar 27, 2009

this is a tale of six sweaters. several weeks ago, i did a little spring cleaning of my wardrobe. i pulled everything out of my closet & drawers, & i purged all of the things that i never wear. as part of this process, i went through all of the sweaters that i have made, not to get rid of them, but just to look over my handiwork. much to my surprise, i discovered that i have knit six (six!) blue sweaters. blue is not my favorite color; i have a long-standing obsession with green. i chose blue yarn for at least one of these sweaters as an attempt to avoid drawers full of green sweaters. some of the others are blue because, for some reason, cheaper yarns tend to come in really pretty blues or really unfortunate greens. i'm not going to knit anything that will make me look ill. so here they are, the seven sweaters in all their glory:

from left to right: currer cardigan from 'norah gaughan collection vol. 2', cobalt deep v-neck vest from martin storey's 'summer delights' collection for rowan, prepster jacket from 'stitch 'n' bitch: the happy hooker'. for more details, ask or check 'em out on ravelry.

from left to right: belle cardigan by wenlan chia from interweave knits, elaine blouse from interweave knits winter 2009, seaberry shell by wenlan chia from interweave knits. more details on ravelry.

crafting resolution: no more blue sweaters! i have to stop the madness.

Mar 10, 2009

more sad stuff.

i didn't get a job that i really wanted. texas teaching fellows is missing out. either that, or their program is not a good fit for me for some unknown reason, so it's best that we parted ways when we did. still sucks though. it's going to make it a bit harder to achieve my goal of moving to austin this year.

my great-grandmother died last week. she hadn't really been herself for years, so it's not a loss like the loss of my grandfather, but it is sad nonetheless. my grandma has lost both her husband & her mother in just a few weeks. i like to think i'm pretty good at putting myself in other people's shoes, but it's hard for to comprehend how she must be feeling. myself, i felt a little bit numb to everything at the funeral; i feel like i've reached a point where i just can't be upset anymore. this probably means that i will be disproportionately upset over something small and random in the future. excellent. that's pretty much my fave. (can you feel the facetiousness?)

dealing with all of these sad things while starting new jobs as a substitute teacher & math (eek!) tutor has left plenty of time for crafting, but not much time for taking pictures & posting. the things promised in my 'coming soon' post are coming soon, just not as soon as i had anticipated.