Mar 10, 2009

more sad stuff.

i didn't get a job that i really wanted. texas teaching fellows is missing out. either that, or their program is not a good fit for me for some unknown reason, so it's best that we parted ways when we did. still sucks though. it's going to make it a bit harder to achieve my goal of moving to austin this year.

my great-grandmother died last week. she hadn't really been herself for years, so it's not a loss like the loss of my grandfather, but it is sad nonetheless. my grandma has lost both her husband & her mother in just a few weeks. i like to think i'm pretty good at putting myself in other people's shoes, but it's hard for to comprehend how she must be feeling. myself, i felt a little bit numb to everything at the funeral; i feel like i've reached a point where i just can't be upset anymore. this probably means that i will be disproportionately upset over something small and random in the future. excellent. that's pretty much my fave. (can you feel the facetiousness?)

dealing with all of these sad things while starting new jobs as a substitute teacher & math (eek!) tutor has left plenty of time for crafting, but not much time for taking pictures & posting. the things promised in my 'coming soon' post are coming soon, just not as soon as i had anticipated.


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