Mar 27, 2009

this is a tale of six sweaters. several weeks ago, i did a little spring cleaning of my wardrobe. i pulled everything out of my closet & drawers, & i purged all of the things that i never wear. as part of this process, i went through all of the sweaters that i have made, not to get rid of them, but just to look over my handiwork. much to my surprise, i discovered that i have knit six (six!) blue sweaters. blue is not my favorite color; i have a long-standing obsession with green. i chose blue yarn for at least one of these sweaters as an attempt to avoid drawers full of green sweaters. some of the others are blue because, for some reason, cheaper yarns tend to come in really pretty blues or really unfortunate greens. i'm not going to knit anything that will make me look ill. so here they are, the seven sweaters in all their glory:

from left to right: currer cardigan from 'norah gaughan collection vol. 2', cobalt deep v-neck vest from martin storey's 'summer delights' collection for rowan, prepster jacket from 'stitch 'n' bitch: the happy hooker'. for more details, ask or check 'em out on ravelry.

from left to right: belle cardigan by wenlan chia from interweave knits, elaine blouse from interweave knits winter 2009, seaberry shell by wenlan chia from interweave knits. more details on ravelry.

crafting resolution: no more blue sweaters! i have to stop the madness.

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