Apr 8, 2009

april has been a month for completed secret birthday present projects. the one that took the longest to complete & was the first to be delivered to its recipient is this pair of lace gloves that i made for my mom. i used two strands of a lace-weight cashmere/silk blend (filatura di crosa superior) held together on size 2 double-pointed needles, & i used a vintage pattern that i found on ravelry.

i'm really pleased with how they turned out. they are possibly the most complex project that i've undertaken to date, but really all i had to do was follow the directions carefully. the lace pattern was really easy & very simple to memorize. i finished all the fingers of the second glove during a day of substitute teaching at one of the local high schools. knitting is ideal for subbing once you get to the point where you don't have to stare at your work, because you can work on your project & watch the kids at the same time. it scares them when they think you aren't paying attention & you tell them to stop texting & start working ;) several students commented on the gloves & asked me about them, which wasn't too surprising, but two boys asked me about them & then told me that they crochet. i had no idea that there's a group of teenage male crocheters running around out there!

i think that's the best part about knitting in public; you never know who is going to talk to you & share a knitting or crocheting story. while i was working on the first glove, a girl came up to me in a coffee shop & asked me to show her what i was doing. she's a knitter herself, & has wanted to try making some gloves for awhile, but hasn't quite mustered up the courage to do so. i showed her how to use the double-pointed needles & explained how to work the fingers, & she left my table to excited tell her boyfriend all about what i had taught her. hopefully she will make some gloves herself & inspire another knitter to do the same.

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