Jun 28, 2009

surprise! sunday

beth's market bag
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today i went to my friend B's bridal shower. the theme for the shower was "household around the clock," & each guest was given a time of day (mine was 5 PM) around which to pick a present. my favorite thing to do around 5 PM on an average day is head to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner & then drink a glass of wine (back when i could drink) & listen to NPR while making dinner. with this in mind, i decided that the best "5 PM" gift would be a handmade market bag, a set of colorful wine glasses, a corkscrew, & a CD of "this american life" and "dinner party download" podcasts. the bag is my own design; i will hopefully get a pattern together to post here & on ravelry.

i almost forgot that most gifts, & shower gifts in particular, kind of demand a card. i really didn't want to go out & buy one, so i made one. a handmade card is my preference anyway. i never see commercial cards that i like that aren't inappropriate or gross in some way. i'm pretty into classic tattoo lettering & graph paper right now. they don't necessarily have to be joining forces to win my affection, but i think they paired beautifully for this project.

Jun 25, 2009

house of (questionable) style thursday

this is what i wish i look running around town. maybe it's not that far off... i do wear "day dresses" from time to time, especially when it's hot & a dress is the coolest (& cutest) thing to throw on. i love how when i wear a dress all i have to do is choose a dress & pick out an accessory & shoes, & that's it! done!

the pieces:

  • apc dress
  • element clutch
  • topshop bangle
  • smith's rosebud salve
  • marc by marc jacobs flats
  • miss dior cherie l'eau

Jun 21, 2009

surprise! sunday

i went to the taubman museum of art today with my friend, N. they have a couple of new exhibitions, including a set of flat screen TVs showing films from sam easterson. he takes tiny cameras, puts them on helmets, puts the helmets on animals or occasionally plants, & compiles the videos into a series of vignettes grouped by biome. i think my favorite was the armadillo or maybe i really mean the baby chick. the baby chick might win, because that video included peeping sounds. (sidebar: i think i might be incapable of referring to a baby bird as anything other than a "baby chick." i don't like being redundant, but that's how it always comes out.) i really like this quote from mr. easterson regarding his work: "i just can't resist trying to empathize with animals & plants. i think that in the process of attempting to learn what it's like to be an animal or plant, i learn more about what it means to be human." that might sum up his work, but i think it might also sum up why i had a brief flirtation with animal behavior research.

please enjoy this sam easterson video (click on the camera icon by the "animal-cams" title) of some male mallards and this still of a baby chick. i mean chick. you'll have to fill in the peeping yourself.

Jun 20, 2009

good food, bad guts saturday

i haven't been feeling very well for the last week or so. none of my usual tricks seem to be working to get me out of it, so i decided to do a week-long fast/detox. i'm only eating foods high in soluble fiber, as suggested by heather van vorous. today is day 2, so i can't report how successful it is overall, but i'm not exactly feeling better yet. i'm eating mostly white bread & corn cereal, but i do have a couple "whip-up" recipes to share for when you have an upset stomach:

super-easy, super-tasty jasmine rice
cook however much jasmine rice you want in your rice cooker or according to package directions. add in vanilla soy milk to taste & approximately 1 tablespoon honey, then sprinkle with cinnamon & nutmeg. heat up or leave it cold, & that's it! you're done! now enjoy!

comfort food root veggies
bring approximately 8 cups of veggie or chicken broth to boil. add a dash of hot sauce if you like & are feeling brave. chop carrots, turnips, zucchini, & any other root veggies you have on hand. add carrots, turnips, & any other slow-cooking veggies to the boiling broth. let cook while broth continues to boil for 15 to 20 minutes, 20 minutes if you like you're veggies more mushy than crispy. add zucchini & any other quick-cooking veggies. let cook 5 to 10 minutes more. remove veggies from broth, & serve by themselves or over rice.