Jun 21, 2009

surprise! sunday

i went to the taubman museum of art today with my friend, N. they have a couple of new exhibitions, including a set of flat screen TVs showing films from sam easterson. he takes tiny cameras, puts them on helmets, puts the helmets on animals or occasionally plants, & compiles the videos into a series of vignettes grouped by biome. i think my favorite was the armadillo or maybe i really mean the baby chick. the baby chick might win, because that video included peeping sounds. (sidebar: i think i might be incapable of referring to a baby bird as anything other than a "baby chick." i don't like being redundant, but that's how it always comes out.) i really like this quote from mr. easterson regarding his work: "i just can't resist trying to empathize with animals & plants. i think that in the process of attempting to learn what it's like to be an animal or plant, i learn more about what it means to be human." that might sum up his work, but i think it might also sum up why i had a brief flirtation with animal behavior research.

please enjoy this sam easterson video (click on the camera icon by the "animal-cams" title) of some male mallards and this still of a baby chick. i mean chick. you'll have to fill in the peeping yourself.

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