Jun 28, 2009

surprise! sunday

beth's market bag
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today i went to my friend B's bridal shower. the theme for the shower was "household around the clock," & each guest was given a time of day (mine was 5 PM) around which to pick a present. my favorite thing to do around 5 PM on an average day is head to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner & then drink a glass of wine (back when i could drink) & listen to NPR while making dinner. with this in mind, i decided that the best "5 PM" gift would be a handmade market bag, a set of colorful wine glasses, a corkscrew, & a CD of "this american life" and "dinner party download" podcasts. the bag is my own design; i will hopefully get a pattern together to post here & on ravelry.

i almost forgot that most gifts, & shower gifts in particular, kind of demand a card. i really didn't want to go out & buy one, so i made one. a handmade card is my preference anyway. i never see commercial cards that i like that aren't inappropriate or gross in some way. i'm pretty into classic tattoo lettering & graph paper right now. they don't necessarily have to be joining forces to win my affection, but i think they paired beautifully for this project.

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