Jul 2, 2009

house of (questionable) style thursday

the pieces:

  • belted safari cashmere cardigan,
  • marc by marc jacobs blouse
  • A.P.C. wide-leg trousers
  • element bag
  • uglydoll school planner
  • clarks shoes
  • modcloth bangle

no posting so far this week not out of the usual combination of laziness & forgetfulness, but out of excitement & forgetfulness. on tuesday, i got a job! i'm going to be teaching high school science in the austin area. in honor of that, i put together an "if money was no object" first day of school outfit.


ModMandy said...

Very Nice outfit Kelly! Thank you for featuring our bangle in this! We really appreciate it!

<3 Mandy

kelly said...

thanks, mandy! i love modcloth!