Jul 5, 2009

surprise! sunday

uuuuugh moving. in ten-nearly-nine days, i am going to pack up my car & start making my way from virginia to austin. i think i'm going to stop in memphis & dallas along the way. i can't imagine that anyone really loves moving, but i hate it. i get all stressed & panicky, i usually get a little bit sick to my stomach, & i always feel like it will never end. considering that the vast majority of my stuff is already boxed up & ready to go, nine more working days should be more than enough. i hope so anyway, because, as usual, i have made the moving process more difficult than it really needs to be. i am living at my parents' house right now, so i am trying to get my old room totally cleaned up so that they can use it as a nice guestroom, but with all of my important stuff nicely preserved and stowed away. the trouble is that most of my important stuff is in the garage & my room is full of stuff that i really should have taken to goodwill before i went to college. my little brother is going to be in town while i'm trying to get all of this together, &, since i rarely see him, it would be nice not to spend the entire visit packing. i also want to make sure i say a proper (read as "not crazy & sick") goodbye to my friends here. one of my best friends is here for school, & it's tough knowing that i may not see him again until thanksgiving, especially since it's not certain that i would see him then. after that? who knows...

don't get me wrong; i am really excited to be living in austin & starting my teaching career, but right now it feels like there is so. much. stuff. standing in the way. also, it's a little bittersweet. i will miss my friends in virginia (& on the east coast in general) & i've never lived this far away from home before. what can i say? it will be an adventure.

sigh. wish me luck.

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