Feb 20, 2010

obsessed with: converse one star

i love, love, love the converse one star collection at target. it's not that dissimilar from the big sister converse clothing line, expect that i can't even afford the regular converse clothes when they go on clearance. i'm an especially big fan of their dresses. one star is pretty much the sole reason why i got a little obsessed with dresses last spring/summer in the first place.

when i was in roanoke, i could always find one star on the clearance rack. when something new came out, i could patiently wait for it to go on sale and then score it. no one was wearing one star except for me it seemed. in austin, however, word has gotten out about the cuteness of one star. waiting for a sale is out of the question--i have to strike immediately at most targets around here or someone else will snap up the extra smalls. that's a bummer, and the fact that i see ladies wearing one star all the time makes it a little less appealing as well. i liked when it was my own little secret, but i still totally love it. (full disclosure: i am wearing a one star hoodie as i type this.)

here are some of my picks from the target website:

i would wear this skirt all. the. time. in the summer. one star pants/skirts don't tend to fit me so well, so i may just have to make myself a chambray skirt with super-cute bow tie.

i love me a plaid shirt. i might get this one for spring/summer.

i like just about anything with a bib right now. (except for babies.)

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