Apr 6, 2010

a brief hiatus from the spending hiatus

today i totally and completely broke the spending hiatus today in a flurry of consumerism. i got the bad news that i will probably be getting some bad news from my doctor, and i was really, really unhappy. i was also in need of some work pants and something to wear to an awards dinner this week. that, however, is not all that i bought. upon reviewing my purchases, i didn't buy anything too ridiculous. i bought some things that i really can't justify beyond 'i wanted it,' but mostly i bought things that are functional and/or things that i need. i spent most of my money at fossil and pottery barn kids, two stores that i love. i know that i will get good use out of those items because i L. O. V. E. love them. i also found a pair of work pants and a pair of shorts on sale at old navy, so now i'm totally set for school and summer pants-wise. i would like to start dressing a bit more professionally for work (read: great decrease in appearance of jeans in the workplace), but that goal was a little hard to reach without enough pants to make it through the week. i've come to terms with the fact that i am very unlikely to want to wear a skirt or dress to school; my classroom is very cold, so i will always choose covering my legs over not covering up.

in summary, is today a spending hiatus setback? yes. is it the end of the world? no. can i finish the spending hiatus as planned? yes. i'm proud of my progress up to this point, and, overall, i'm pretty proud of how i handled myself today. i didn't buy anything of terribly poor quality, and i didn't really go that crazy. nearly everything i bought was on sale, and most of the money spent went towards things i was squeaking by without, so i'm going to call it a successful experiment in sane spending.

Apr 4, 2010

simplicity bbw 2865

instead of buying a new top, i whipped up this one on good friday. heavily inspired by this top from fossil, i used a stretch knit stripe with contrast side panels and pocket. i used simplicity 2865, one of the built by wendy patterns. i decided to forgo the button placket, and i did some zigzag stitching along the top of the pocket and the hem of the top. now that i know how all the pieces fit together, i will definitely be using this pattern again. i have my eye on the version with the peter pan collar; i'm thinking that i will just make another tunic-length top instead of a minidress.

some other views:
(please excuse the sunburn from the driving range.)

spending hiatus, weekend 2

weekend #2 is coming to a close, and i think i've done pretty well so far. in the interest of total accountability, here are the non-food non-essentials that i have broken down and splurged on:

  • bust magazine ($5)
  • pack of tees at the driving range ($1)
  • boho magazine ($6)

it's pretty well documented on this blog that i love bust, so that's a near-essential. i broke down and bought the tees because i just wasn't in the mood to scavenge for them on the driving range. finally, i bought boho because the issue has a french theme, and i'm a sucker for anything french-themed, and it has some stuff in there that i want to make. all told, that's $12 of non-essential spending in 2 weeks. not too shabby.

a funny thing is happening: the longer i go without frivolous spending, the less i want to frivolously spend. instead, i have made some delicious food with friends, sewn a super-cute top, and spent some time just plain relaxing. not only that, but i can whip my debit card out for some groceries or brunch without worrying about whether or not i should be spending the money.