Apr 6, 2010

a brief hiatus from the spending hiatus

today i totally and completely broke the spending hiatus today in a flurry of consumerism. i got the bad news that i will probably be getting some bad news from my doctor, and i was really, really unhappy. i was also in need of some work pants and something to wear to an awards dinner this week. that, however, is not all that i bought. upon reviewing my purchases, i didn't buy anything too ridiculous. i bought some things that i really can't justify beyond 'i wanted it,' but mostly i bought things that are functional and/or things that i need. i spent most of my money at fossil and pottery barn kids, two stores that i love. i know that i will get good use out of those items because i L. O. V. E. love them. i also found a pair of work pants and a pair of shorts on sale at old navy, so now i'm totally set for school and summer pants-wise. i would like to start dressing a bit more professionally for work (read: great decrease in appearance of jeans in the workplace), but that goal was a little hard to reach without enough pants to make it through the week. i've come to terms with the fact that i am very unlikely to want to wear a skirt or dress to school; my classroom is very cold, so i will always choose covering my legs over not covering up.

in summary, is today a spending hiatus setback? yes. is it the end of the world? no. can i finish the spending hiatus as planned? yes. i'm proud of my progress up to this point, and, overall, i'm pretty proud of how i handled myself today. i didn't buy anything of terribly poor quality, and i didn't really go that crazy. nearly everything i bought was on sale, and most of the money spent went towards things i was squeaking by without, so i'm going to call it a successful experiment in sane spending.

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