Jun 10, 2010

berroco fall 2010 sneak peek

before you know it, the fall knitting books and magazines will start to appear. i absolutely freakin' love berroco vintage and every berroco book made using vintage so far, and the upcoming vintage and vintage chunky (!) book is no exception. i feel like i MUST own this book and i MUST make everything in it. it was very tough to choose, but here are some of my favorites.

the phinney sweater. so simple, but totally lovely. it's rare that i use exactly the same color combination as shown on the printed pattern, but i don't think i could improve on this one.

a detail of the phinney sweater. naturally, i needed a close up of the pins on the sweater, and i just about freaked out when i saw what they are. ryan berkley illustration pins! AAAAHHHH! i stopped dead in my tracks at the renegade craft fair when i saw ryan's booth, paralyzed by much i wanted every. single. print. i settled on a bat print (his tie hangs down because he's hanging upside down--eeeee!!!!) and handful of pins, and now i know exactly how i should wear them.

the ballard t-shirt. i don't think i've seen anything quite like those squiggles before. i also am a big fan of the wide garter stitch waistband. i just added one to a tank top i was knitting that, sadly, i literally ruined in the finishing. when i'm emotionally prepared, i'll rip the whole thing out and try again. back to the ballard t-shirt, the loose fit of this sweater will make it look cute over a snug thermal or long-sleeve t-shirt when it gets a little colder. (or just to wear in my freezing cold classroom.)

the pike place cardigan. first of all, i really like double-breasted cardigans and jackets, so this is already a winner. add some seed stitch, the stitch i hate to love, and we've got a must-knit--but wait, there's more! sushi buttons?! stop it.

last but not least: the ravenna sweater coat. i've been interested in knitting a sweater coat for awhile now, and this might be The One. i like that it buttons to the waist and then flares out into a flattering A-line shape, and i love the subtle contrast color collar and running stitches. can i also say that the styling in this booklet is just beautiful? not only do i want to knit everything in the book, i also want to wear the complete outfits shown and do my hair and makeup the same as the model's, too. is that too obsessive? maybe just the right amount of obsession?

all the other patterns in the book are wonderful, too, but it seemed silly to post and gush over the entire thing. which ones are your favorites?

p.s. i can't wait to try out the gorgeous new yarn:

berroco campus

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