Sep 25, 2010

out with the old, in with the new.

after staring at my "makeup" and "no makeup" pictures from the other day, i think i've decided on some changes for my routine. i actually prefer the picture without makeup, but i do with that the area around my eyes was a bit lighter. above you see the results of the following changes:

old routine:
yellow concealer
bisque concealer

new routine:
tinted moisturizer and eye cream
translucent powder
lip balm

another shot at exercise

week 4 brings overall wellness to the 127 things, which encompasses everything i've been working on (or haven't been working on) over the past few weeks. this gives me a chance to make amends for my total lack of official exercise last week. i've been hit with a pretty serious allergy attack, but i'm starting to feel like maybe exercise is an option. i still need to figure out the exact weightlifting exercises i want to do, but i've got the power yoga all lined up and ready to go. exercise is one of my least favorite things in the world, so, if i make it through a week of workouts, i might break the spending hiatus long enough to get a new workout outfit. or maybe i will just be so proud of myself that i won't need any other reward.

update: didn't really get around to the whole exercise thing... i'll keep working on it. i did manage to do about 10 minutes of yoga, and this week brought a lot of frantic running around school and going up and down stairs, so that's something. i did end up bribing myself with a pair of clearance yoga pants at target, so maybe the guilt of breaking the hiatus will get my butt in gear. if i use the crap out of those pants, they start seeming less and less like an impulse buy i don't need.

the great makeup challenge

no makeup


this morning, i was catching up on readymade's blog, and i stumbled across the no-makeup challenge on no more dirty looks. my initial reaction to the idea of going without makeup for day was quite negative, until i realized that--wait a minute--i had already gone to get an oil change and to the mall without a stitch on makeup. i don't think i had even washed my face. (tmi? ts.) clearly i'm okay with going without makeup, but i do wear it to work every day. if i don't, i think i look too much like a student, and my students tend to think that the change in my appearance is due to illness, not a decrease in cosmetic usage.

it is true that when i don't wear makeup my students are more likely to ask me if i'm sick. however, this past week, i actually was sick, and they could still see it on my face, despite my usual application of concealers and foundation. this and how not horrified i was by the picture of myself without makeup lead me to wonder if the makeup really even makes that much of a difference, hence the "before makeup" and "after makeup" pictures. my own personal jury is still out. what do you think? does the makeup make enough of a difference to justify the cost in time and money?

Sep 21, 2010

127 things, week 3

the start of the week has come and gone without any mention from me on my 127 things progress, so, without further ado, i'm going to mention exercise. while i did read the chapter on exercise and how it can save me from the frail and sickly golden years i so greatly fear, i have not managed to actually do any exercise other than running around my classroom like a crazy person. due to said running around, i've got home exhausted the past two nights, and last night i had a very large stack of papers to grade in tow. these are my intentions, but you know how i am with good intentions:

  • do 30 minutes of yoga on weekday nights, unless i'm doing weights.
  • do weights once during the week and once during the weekend.
  • go back to a yoga class, probably during the weekend.
  • take one bike ride or walk during the weekend.

that's about it. it shouldn't be too hard except that i hate exercise and really don't want to do it when i'm already tired. i know that exercising gives you more energy blah blah, but that doesn't change the fact that i don't want to do it.

do i sound totally negative? it might have something to do with how overworked and under-appreciated (and maybe underpaid) i'm feeling at work. on the bright side, i feel like i've been sleeping really well, and i'm going to chalk that up to the rain storm option on my free white noise app. hooray for pretend rainy days!

on a somewhat related note, i heard a story on npr about "waiting for superman," and i nearly broke down into major tears in the car. (update: i just watched the trailer while getting the link, and there WERE major, major tears. like "maybe i can't watch it in a theater" tears.)

Sep 18, 2010

the spending hiatus rolls on...

i haven't been talking about it much because i've been focused on school and my 127 things series, but the spending hiatus has been moving forward without any glitches (so far). today is the first day that i have really, really wanted to go shopping. roaming through the blogosphere this morning lead me to for me, for you, who is featuring possibly the perfect fall boots and the perfect fall moccasins. i love camel-colored leather in a basically any form, and i do actually wear tall boots to work, so it's kind of hard to justify to myself why i can't just go out and look just in case marshall's has something similar in stock. actually, it's really easy to justify with three words (credit card debt), but being a responsible adult isn't that much fun. (then again, being an irresponsible adult tends to be quite anxiety-producing...) anyway, here's what i'm totally lusting over:

spotted on: for me, for you/available from: totokaelo

these moccasins might be the perfect fall counterpart to the navy boat shoes i wore all spring:

spotted on: for me, for you/available from: manimal


Sep 15, 2010

127 things: sleep

i am both an excellent and a terrible sleeper. some nights i basically pass out cold, often in the middle of a tv show or movie. other nights i pass out cold, only to be wiiiiide awake, much more so than i ever feel after a full night's sleep, after just a couple hours of shut-eye. in honor of this week's theme, i've been trying to be done with dinner by 8 and in bed around 10:30. i did officially exercise once, on sunday, but i would like to thinking that pacing around my classroom and walking up and down the stairs counts for something. i also changed my sheets, which is often pretty critical for me, because i rock some dust mite allergies pretty hard. this is probably the key to why i never wake up feeling rested. instead, i often wake up feeling more busted than when i went to sleep. i can shake it off pretty quickly, but it would be nice to wake up feeling great like i once did. the book does not commit one way or another on white noise machines, but i may be busting out the white noise app on my phone again soon. i'm also going to start incorporating a small snack of triscuits into my before-bed rituals, since i've read in a couple places that a small, carb-y snack can help you sleep. more results from week 2 to come.

Sep 12, 2010

127 things

since i had the idea for this blogging series after nearly a week had passed, i'm playing catch-up with the first week and its theme of healthy eating. yesterday i sat down and did a nutritional audit of what i eat on a typical day. there were two glaring holes:

1. not much in the way of veggies
2. not much in the way of nuts and legumes

one reason for this is that i am a frequent eater of breakfast foods for dinner, and there's not a lot of room for veggies with whole grain toast and a soft-boiled egg. an easy fix for me is to keep doing 2nd breakfast and just switch my soft-boiled egg to an omelette with fresh veggies. done. as for the legume problem, i like pistachios, so i can add those to my afternoon snack of granola and fruit, and occasionally switch up my usual 2nd breakfast for a dinner involving some black beans, kidney beans, or chickpeas. tonight i've got some delicious cincinnati chili on the menu (i will be substituting ground turkey for ground beef) with a side of veggies. since i'm not always in the mood to stop by the grocery store on the way home from school, i'm adding some frozen vegetable medleys to my grocery list, so i'll have a green option on hand. oh, and then there's the calcium supplements and the multivitamins... i have jars of them sitting on my kitchen counter, but i seldom remember to take them. maybe leaving a reminder on the microwave would help... at least if i'm adding more vegetables to my diet then forgetting to take my multi might not be as big of a deal.

Sep 11, 2010

the only 127 things you need

awhile i go, i picked up a book called 'the only 127 things you need' by donna wilkinson. it was on clearance for $1 at border's. i read the first chapter or two, and then moved on to thinking about the infinite number of things that i don't need. at the dawning of a new spending hiatus, i decided that it was time to revisit this book. i'm going to need something (other than work) to keep me busy while hiatus-ing (with E away for the better part of a year), so my plan is to work through this book. flipping through it, i noticed that there are 16 chapters, and there are about 16 weeks in a 4-month-long, labor-day-to-christmas spending hiatus. happy coincidence? the obvious thing to do is work through one chapter per week. this may lead to buying some things, but, since a lot of the book focuses on things that are free, like mental health and good sleep, if i find that i'm missing something, it's probably reasonable to spend some money on it. besides the obvious benefits of breaking my spending habits and making a budget, the spending hiatus is probably going to free up a lot of time that i can use to take better care of myself. all that time i used to spend at target could have been used doing yoga, working on craft projects, writing better lesson plans, or cleaning my apartment. the book may not necessarily help with any of those things directly, but i think it could usher in a new era of personal wellness.

p.s. i took a quiz this morning on the debtors anonymous website. do i really have that much debt? no, but sometimes i think i have a touch of an addictive personality. good news: according to DA, i am not an addict, which i suppose is not terribly surprising, given that i am not totally losing it over not spending.

p.p.s. confession: i ordered some wholesale american apparel t-shirts. i recently had some kick the bucket after 2 and a half years of wear, so i don't feel that bad about replacing them. let's be honest, i wear a t-shirt basically every day, so, for me, they really are an essential. and no, i do not think this negates the results of my DA quiz.

Sep 10, 2010

the spending hiatus rides again.

after a binge of a summer, i'm thinking the only way to nurse my spending hangover is with another spending hiatus. this time, it's for serious. when i did the mini-hiatus, i don't think i really learned anything, i just thought "hey! look at all this money i saved that i can now spend!" this time around, i want to actually track my spending and come out of the hiatus with a realistic budget. here's the plan:

  • abstain from unnecessary spending from labor day 2010 through christmas 2010.
  • unnecessary spending includes: nonessential bath products and cosmetics, clothing, books, fashion magazines, stuff for my apartment, and craft supplies to stash.
  • exceptions include: presents that cannot be made from my stash of craft supplies and experiences (movies, craft parties, concerts, etc.). i really don't spend much on entertainment, and the idea is not to stop having fun for 4 months; it's just stop pissing away money on silly stuff.

as you can see, my cat knows all about taking pleasure in the simple things in life, like a really soft bed. the spending hiatus is another step in a summer-long project to take stock, weed out, and get back to basics.

Sep 4, 2010

to do

1. pickle some baby roma tomatoes and okra.
2. hope i don't poison myself with pickled baby tomatoes and okra.
3. wind yarn for a new sweater
4. finish bat-inspired shawl.
5. finish octopus hat.
6. post pictures of FOs to ravelry.
7. BLOG.

seven things to do today this weekend, seven things to do...