Sep 15, 2010

127 things: sleep

i am both an excellent and a terrible sleeper. some nights i basically pass out cold, often in the middle of a tv show or movie. other nights i pass out cold, only to be wiiiiide awake, much more so than i ever feel after a full night's sleep, after just a couple hours of shut-eye. in honor of this week's theme, i've been trying to be done with dinner by 8 and in bed around 10:30. i did officially exercise once, on sunday, but i would like to thinking that pacing around my classroom and walking up and down the stairs counts for something. i also changed my sheets, which is often pretty critical for me, because i rock some dust mite allergies pretty hard. this is probably the key to why i never wake up feeling rested. instead, i often wake up feeling more busted than when i went to sleep. i can shake it off pretty quickly, but it would be nice to wake up feeling great like i once did. the book does not commit one way or another on white noise machines, but i may be busting out the white noise app on my phone again soon. i'm also going to start incorporating a small snack of triscuits into my before-bed rituals, since i've read in a couple places that a small, carb-y snack can help you sleep. more results from week 2 to come.

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