Sep 21, 2010

127 things, week 3

the start of the week has come and gone without any mention from me on my 127 things progress, so, without further ado, i'm going to mention exercise. while i did read the chapter on exercise and how it can save me from the frail and sickly golden years i so greatly fear, i have not managed to actually do any exercise other than running around my classroom like a crazy person. due to said running around, i've got home exhausted the past two nights, and last night i had a very large stack of papers to grade in tow. these are my intentions, but you know how i am with good intentions:

  • do 30 minutes of yoga on weekday nights, unless i'm doing weights.
  • do weights once during the week and once during the weekend.
  • go back to a yoga class, probably during the weekend.
  • take one bike ride or walk during the weekend.

that's about it. it shouldn't be too hard except that i hate exercise and really don't want to do it when i'm already tired. i know that exercising gives you more energy blah blah, but that doesn't change the fact that i don't want to do it.

do i sound totally negative? it might have something to do with how overworked and under-appreciated (and maybe underpaid) i'm feeling at work. on the bright side, i feel like i've been sleeping really well, and i'm going to chalk that up to the rain storm option on my free white noise app. hooray for pretend rainy days!

on a somewhat related note, i heard a story on npr about "waiting for superman," and i nearly broke down into major tears in the car. (update: i just watched the trailer while getting the link, and there WERE major, major tears. like "maybe i can't watch it in a theater" tears.)

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