Sep 12, 2010

127 things

since i had the idea for this blogging series after nearly a week had passed, i'm playing catch-up with the first week and its theme of healthy eating. yesterday i sat down and did a nutritional audit of what i eat on a typical day. there were two glaring holes:

1. not much in the way of veggies
2. not much in the way of nuts and legumes

one reason for this is that i am a frequent eater of breakfast foods for dinner, and there's not a lot of room for veggies with whole grain toast and a soft-boiled egg. an easy fix for me is to keep doing 2nd breakfast and just switch my soft-boiled egg to an omelette with fresh veggies. done. as for the legume problem, i like pistachios, so i can add those to my afternoon snack of granola and fruit, and occasionally switch up my usual 2nd breakfast for a dinner involving some black beans, kidney beans, or chickpeas. tonight i've got some delicious cincinnati chili on the menu (i will be substituting ground turkey for ground beef) with a side of veggies. since i'm not always in the mood to stop by the grocery store on the way home from school, i'm adding some frozen vegetable medleys to my grocery list, so i'll have a green option on hand. oh, and then there's the calcium supplements and the multivitamins... i have jars of them sitting on my kitchen counter, but i seldom remember to take them. maybe leaving a reminder on the microwave would help... at least if i'm adding more vegetables to my diet then forgetting to take my multi might not be as big of a deal.

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