Sep 25, 2010

another shot at exercise

week 4 brings overall wellness to the 127 things, which encompasses everything i've been working on (or haven't been working on) over the past few weeks. this gives me a chance to make amends for my total lack of official exercise last week. i've been hit with a pretty serious allergy attack, but i'm starting to feel like maybe exercise is an option. i still need to figure out the exact weightlifting exercises i want to do, but i've got the power yoga all lined up and ready to go. exercise is one of my least favorite things in the world, so, if i make it through a week of workouts, i might break the spending hiatus long enough to get a new workout outfit. or maybe i will just be so proud of myself that i won't need any other reward.

update: didn't really get around to the whole exercise thing... i'll keep working on it. i did manage to do about 10 minutes of yoga, and this week brought a lot of frantic running around school and going up and down stairs, so that's something. i did end up bribing myself with a pair of clearance yoga pants at target, so maybe the guilt of breaking the hiatus will get my butt in gear. if i use the crap out of those pants, they start seeming less and less like an impulse buy i don't need.

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