Sep 25, 2010

the great makeup challenge

no makeup


this morning, i was catching up on readymade's blog, and i stumbled across the no-makeup challenge on no more dirty looks. my initial reaction to the idea of going without makeup for day was quite negative, until i realized that--wait a minute--i had already gone to get an oil change and to the mall without a stitch on makeup. i don't think i had even washed my face. (tmi? ts.) clearly i'm okay with going without makeup, but i do wear it to work every day. if i don't, i think i look too much like a student, and my students tend to think that the change in my appearance is due to illness, not a decrease in cosmetic usage.

it is true that when i don't wear makeup my students are more likely to ask me if i'm sick. however, this past week, i actually was sick, and they could still see it on my face, despite my usual application of concealers and foundation. this and how not horrified i was by the picture of myself without makeup lead me to wonder if the makeup really even makes that much of a difference, hence the "before makeup" and "after makeup" pictures. my own personal jury is still out. what do you think? does the makeup make enough of a difference to justify the cost in time and money?

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