Sep 11, 2010

the only 127 things you need

awhile i go, i picked up a book called 'the only 127 things you need' by donna wilkinson. it was on clearance for $1 at border's. i read the first chapter or two, and then moved on to thinking about the infinite number of things that i don't need. at the dawning of a new spending hiatus, i decided that it was time to revisit this book. i'm going to need something (other than work) to keep me busy while hiatus-ing (with E away for the better part of a year), so my plan is to work through this book. flipping through it, i noticed that there are 16 chapters, and there are about 16 weeks in a 4-month-long, labor-day-to-christmas spending hiatus. happy coincidence? the obvious thing to do is work through one chapter per week. this may lead to buying some things, but, since a lot of the book focuses on things that are free, like mental health and good sleep, if i find that i'm missing something, it's probably reasonable to spend some money on it. besides the obvious benefits of breaking my spending habits and making a budget, the spending hiatus is probably going to free up a lot of time that i can use to take better care of myself. all that time i used to spend at target could have been used doing yoga, working on craft projects, writing better lesson plans, or cleaning my apartment. the book may not necessarily help with any of those things directly, but i think it could usher in a new era of personal wellness.

p.s. i took a quiz this morning on the debtors anonymous website. do i really have that much debt? no, but sometimes i think i have a touch of an addictive personality. good news: according to DA, i am not an addict, which i suppose is not terribly surprising, given that i am not totally losing it over not spending.

p.p.s. confession: i ordered some wholesale american apparel t-shirts. i recently had some kick the bucket after 2 and a half years of wear, so i don't feel that bad about replacing them. let's be honest, i wear a t-shirt basically every day, so, for me, they really are an essential. and no, i do not think this negates the results of my DA quiz.

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