Sep 10, 2010

the spending hiatus rides again.

after a binge of a summer, i'm thinking the only way to nurse my spending hangover is with another spending hiatus. this time, it's for serious. when i did the mini-hiatus, i don't think i really learned anything, i just thought "hey! look at all this money i saved that i can now spend!" this time around, i want to actually track my spending and come out of the hiatus with a realistic budget. here's the plan:

  • abstain from unnecessary spending from labor day 2010 through christmas 2010.
  • unnecessary spending includes: nonessential bath products and cosmetics, clothing, books, fashion magazines, stuff for my apartment, and craft supplies to stash.
  • exceptions include: presents that cannot be made from my stash of craft supplies and experiences (movies, craft parties, concerts, etc.). i really don't spend much on entertainment, and the idea is not to stop having fun for 4 months; it's just stop pissing away money on silly stuff.

as you can see, my cat knows all about taking pleasure in the simple things in life, like a really soft bed. the spending hiatus is another step in a summer-long project to take stock, weed out, and get back to basics.

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