Sep 18, 2010

the spending hiatus rolls on...

i haven't been talking about it much because i've been focused on school and my 127 things series, but the spending hiatus has been moving forward without any glitches (so far). today is the first day that i have really, really wanted to go shopping. roaming through the blogosphere this morning lead me to for me, for you, who is featuring possibly the perfect fall boots and the perfect fall moccasins. i love camel-colored leather in a basically any form, and i do actually wear tall boots to work, so it's kind of hard to justify to myself why i can't just go out and look just in case marshall's has something similar in stock. actually, it's really easy to justify with three words (credit card debt), but being a responsible adult isn't that much fun. (then again, being an irresponsible adult tends to be quite anxiety-producing...) anyway, here's what i'm totally lusting over:

spotted on: for me, for you/available from: totokaelo

these moccasins might be the perfect fall counterpart to the navy boat shoes i wore all spring:

spotted on: for me, for you/available from: manimal


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