Oct 2, 2010

new week, new things

this week is all about one of my favorite things, fashion. a number of fashion insiders weigh in on the pieces of clothing that every woman (and man) should have in her (his) closet, and, in fact, the entire book was inspired by an article written by carrie donovan for the new york times magazine many years ago. i love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe that can be combined in endless chic combinations, but here's the problem: i never reach for the plain white shirt in my closet, and i don't really care that much about being chic. there was a year of college during which i dressed in a very plain, cold, WASPy way, and, while i generally looked very put together, i was dressing that way specifically because i wanted to look like i had it together even though i really, really didn't. those clean, crisp basics were really more of a suit of armor that i put on every morning to help me get through the day. i don't need that anymore, and, consequently, i don't really want to dress in that way anymore.

in other words, i think what i'm trying to say is that i don't put a lot of stock in lists of "must-haves." there's room for creativity in a black suit and white shirt, but i'm not someone who wears suits, and i like color. i've seen a post or two floating around about personal uniforms, and the idea of a personal capsule wardrobe is a lot more interesting to me than a list of necessities put together by someone whose life is incredibly different from mine.

my plan for this week is to experiment with some items that i already own from the list. i'm also going to do some weeding of my closet and maybe pass on some of the list items that just aren't for me. i leave you with a capsule wardrobe quickly pieced together on polyvore.

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