Oct 21, 2010

a slight dip in willpower

i'm pretty much over the 127 things project. maybe i will pick it up back up, but i started questioning the utility of the project, and i'd just rather work on other things. the spending hiatus is moving along, however, though i've gotten a bit lax on what i'm am and am not going to buy. junk probably isn't totally necessary to my life, and i believe one or two non-essential lip glosses have made their way home with me. i'm really going to need to tighten up here over the next couple of months. i'm going to try to make it a challenge to see just how little i can spend next month, and i'm hoping that that will really reignite my interest in doing this.

i looked over my finances from the last few months, and the interesting thing is that i don't really remember much of what i bought. if i can't even look at my credit card statement and remember just what it was that i "had to have" from the gap, maybe i really didn't need anything from the gap at all.

i'm going to be too busy to shop anyway--i'm getting ready for this:

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