Dec 31, 2010

drumroll, please

i am pleased to begin the new year by announcing a very ambitious blogging project:

52 weeks, 52 projects

you may have already guessed the name from the image above with "52 weeks, 52 projects" written in large, friendly letters, and the project is really quite self-explanatory. the idea is that i will share a completed project every single week for the entire year. the project doesn't have to be started and completed within the same week; i will just be presenting my newest finished object. some weeks it might be a sweater, and others it might be a piece of jewelry or maybe even a paint-by-number painting (i love those!). some things will go straight into my etsy shop who they're finished, because, let's face it, i could probably use some spare cash more than 52 new things.

this is quite a challenge for me, given that i seldom make it all the way through a month-long challenge, but i hope that i can follow through this time. each weekend i will post my finished object, and during the week i'll post "work-in-progress" snapshots, plus whatever else i feel like blogging about. just to make it a little extra challenging, i'm going to add in that the majority of these projects should come from the craft supplies taking up about half of my closet space or projects that i started ages ago, but never finished. in theory, this should make it easier, because i'll have the materials on hand, and i won't have to worry about cost or finding the time to run out to the store. in practice, the siren song of the craft store and fancy yarn shop are difficult for me to ignore, and a new, exciting pattern and yarn beat a "i guess i'll make this thing i don't even like that much, because i already have this yarn sitting here" (can you hear me dragging my feet?) kind of a project every time. to keep myself honest, i'll report all the details of my projects, so you and i can both gauge my stash-busting efforts.

check back soon for the inaugural project, and HAPPY 2011!

Dec 16, 2010

some xmas inspiration

i haven't done much decorating in my apartment, what with finishing up the semester and doing a major decluttering, so i'm probably just going to decorate my blog instead. some ideas for a midcentury modern christmas:

above images via sheffield school

above image via NEST

and one more...

above image via my mid-century modern life

Dec 12, 2010

the great decluttering of '10

image via IQmatrix

despite its frantic pace, i think december is a great time to pause long enough to reflect on how lucky we are and how we can use our resources to help others. sometimes i do crafting for charity, but this year i'm going to do a major decluttering and give my surplus to charity. my apartment is quite small, and it can start feeling claustrophobic if i have too much stuff. for some reason, the more stuff i have in my apartment, the less inclined i am to take care of my stuff and the more inclined i am to buy more stuff. that's where i am now... claustrophobic and itching to shop.

when i am aware of having too much stuff, i also start to feel guilty about all the perfectly good things that i have but never use. the fleece vest i bought years ago just in case i take up running could be keeping someone else warm. the dressy work shoes i never wear could take someone to a job interview. things are winding down at school, so i have about a week to finish up christmas shopping, finalize grades for the semester, and get ready to fly home. i am in really good shape on all of these fronts, so i think i can do a complete decluttering before christmas, in addition to everything else. next year, i want to give 1% of my salary to charity; this year, i'm giving at least 1% of my stuff. do you get extra-charitable near the holidays? is "declutter" something on your to-do list?

Dec 8, 2010

the man, the legend, the puppet.

i'm losing interest in blogging about the 30 for 30 challenge. not that i've stopped doing it; i just came to the realization that my outfits are pretty boring, and i don't really want to blog about them. instead, i will blog about something that i am excited about:

my crochet puppet homage to stephen colbert. one has already sold on etsy, and there are 4 more in the shop. i plan to send one to the man himself in the near future. currently taking ideas on other people to immortalize in yarn.

Dec 4, 2010

30 for 30: day 4

friday was more of the same: sweatshirt (this time a "school spirit" one), jeans, and sneakers. today i dressed possibly the nicest i have for a saturday in quite some time. one of the perks of doing the challenge is that you probably won't "budget" yourself any sweatpants. i'm not someone who is particularly picky about how she looks during a run to the grocery store or post office, but i felt like i did have a little extra spring in my step since i put some effort into my appearance today, especially after a couple days of sweatshirts.

Dec 2, 2010

30 for 30: day 2

thursday is 'college day' at school, so i wore my w&m sweatshirt and jeans. boring. less boring: this old gap commercial featuring alexander greenwald of phantom planet and rashida jones.

Dec 1, 2010

30 for 30

Old Navy Womens Pointelle-Trim Cardigans, $23
Factory's Women - Shirts & tops - Factory stripe tuxedo tunic - J.Crew, $40
Fine-gauge crewneck sweater, $60
Old Navy Womens Argyle Cardigans, $26
Nike College Bling (Virginia Tech) Women's Hoodie, $65
Rick Owens Lilies Wool-jersey turtleneck top, $203
Adeline Cashmere Mix Oversized Cardigan by Twenty8Twelve, 270 GBP
Jones New York Signature - Plaid Peplum Shirt w/ Ruffle (Black/Sugar)..., $79
Roxy - Go Anywhere Sweater (New Heather) - Apparel, $45
Nike Classic Fleece Pullover Women's Hoodie, $40
Cornell Sweatshirt Crew Vintage College Heather Grey
Jcrew Factory two-pocket chambray shirt in stonewall wash, $60
BKE Crew Neck T-Shirt, $12
Unisex Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck, $18
Chinti and Parker Striped organic cotton T-shirt, $63
The Row T-Shirt Black, 209 EUR
Vince Cotton-twill parka, $277
Joseph washed leather one button jazz jacket, 380 GBP
The Everyday Blazer, $285
glory charm Plaid Shirt, $46
Zipper Moto Sweater Jacket, $0.01
Curvy Denim Trousers, $69
Alexa Low-Rise Flare Twill Pant, $40
Fossil Addison Tunic Dress, $30
Gap Petite Vintage Flare Jeans (Dark Wash), $60
Tee Indigo T-Shirt, 50 GBP

i first read about the 30 for 30 challenge on readymade's blog. the challenge is this: wear only 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days. don't buy anything new, just remix what you already have. this really resonated with me because i've been thinking that i have way too much stuff and i would really like to downsize. what i like about this challenge is that it's an exercise in seeing how little you truly need and what you truly love out of the stuff you own. i suspect that i will miss certain things that didn't make the cut on this round, and that's a pretty good indication that those items are worth keeping.

the challenge originates with kendi everday, whose blog is super-adorable and super-funny. i found out about it too late to get in on the official bandwagon, but i'm not strictly playing by the rules, so that's okay. kendi includes shoes in her 30, but not accessories or outerwear. i started out including shoes in my 30, and then i remembered the teacher dress code for thursdays and fridays. thursdays teachers are supposed to wear college apparel (for me, this means hoodies) and fridays teachers wear school spirit stuff (more hoodies). i decided to cheat on the shoes rather than on the work-required items. i probably could have included both in the 30, but i wanted to increase my odds of actually finishing a challenge without cheating. above you see polyvore approximations of my 30. it turns out i'm pretty boring with my basics and neutrals. eh. i can live with that.

being the planner and dork that i am, i combed through my extensive collection of pictures i have ripped out of magazines to help me plan outfits. my idea was that i would share my outfit inspiration here, and then also use polyvore to put together how i wore it. let's be honest; that's probably not going to happen, but maybe occasionally i'll get some scanning in.

submitted for your approval is outfit #1:

i haven't worn those pearls since the wedding i was in this past june. incidentally, the wedding is also when i bought the pearls.