Dec 12, 2010

the great decluttering of '10

image via IQmatrix

despite its frantic pace, i think december is a great time to pause long enough to reflect on how lucky we are and how we can use our resources to help others. sometimes i do crafting for charity, but this year i'm going to do a major decluttering and give my surplus to charity. my apartment is quite small, and it can start feeling claustrophobic if i have too much stuff. for some reason, the more stuff i have in my apartment, the less inclined i am to take care of my stuff and the more inclined i am to buy more stuff. that's where i am now... claustrophobic and itching to shop.

when i am aware of having too much stuff, i also start to feel guilty about all the perfectly good things that i have but never use. the fleece vest i bought years ago just in case i take up running could be keeping someone else warm. the dressy work shoes i never wear could take someone to a job interview. things are winding down at school, so i have about a week to finish up christmas shopping, finalize grades for the semester, and get ready to fly home. i am in really good shape on all of these fronts, so i think i can do a complete decluttering before christmas, in addition to everything else. next year, i want to give 1% of my salary to charity; this year, i'm giving at least 1% of my stuff. do you get extra-charitable near the holidays? is "declutter" something on your to-do list?

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