Dec 31, 2010

drumroll, please

i am pleased to begin the new year by announcing a very ambitious blogging project:

52 weeks, 52 projects

you may have already guessed the name from the image above with "52 weeks, 52 projects" written in large, friendly letters, and the project is really quite self-explanatory. the idea is that i will share a completed project every single week for the entire year. the project doesn't have to be started and completed within the same week; i will just be presenting my newest finished object. some weeks it might be a sweater, and others it might be a piece of jewelry or maybe even a paint-by-number painting (i love those!). some things will go straight into my etsy shop who they're finished, because, let's face it, i could probably use some spare cash more than 52 new things.

this is quite a challenge for me, given that i seldom make it all the way through a month-long challenge, but i hope that i can follow through this time. each weekend i will post my finished object, and during the week i'll post "work-in-progress" snapshots, plus whatever else i feel like blogging about. just to make it a little extra challenging, i'm going to add in that the majority of these projects should come from the craft supplies taking up about half of my closet space or projects that i started ages ago, but never finished. in theory, this should make it easier, because i'll have the materials on hand, and i won't have to worry about cost or finding the time to run out to the store. in practice, the siren song of the craft store and fancy yarn shop are difficult for me to ignore, and a new, exciting pattern and yarn beat a "i guess i'll make this thing i don't even like that much, because i already have this yarn sitting here" (can you hear me dragging my feet?) kind of a project every time. to keep myself honest, i'll report all the details of my projects, so you and i can both gauge my stash-busting efforts.

check back soon for the inaugural project, and HAPPY 2011!

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