Jan 2, 2011

52 weeks, 52 projects: finished object #1

okay, okay. i've already done a post about the stephen puppets, but this is a very special stephen puppet. as you can see, he's about to be shipped off to... new york city! to meet... the real stephen colbert! yes, that's right. i'm sending a stephen to stephen himself. i knew that this guy was the one when i embroidered his little face and it came out just right. only the best for my puppet muse. i hope the real stephen likes him... i hope he gets some air time on the report... i hope the address i found on the interwebs is right...

more stephens will start appearing in the shop soon.

the stats
  • materials: various acrylic yarns from my stash
  • cost: $0 for materials, plus about a buck for a mailing envelope and about a buck for postage

yay, first finished object! i'm 1/52 of the way to actually completing a project!

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