Jan 16, 2011

52 weeks, 52 projects: finished object #3

up for your consideration: a light, little shawlette done up in lace-weight noro sekku. for those of you uninitiated into the world of knitting, noro is a japanese yarn company that specializes in self-striping and space-dyed yarns with colors so beautiful they hurt. i love noro, and i am always on the lookout for ways to use it that aren't going to be too overpowering. or too expensive--a sweater in just about any noro yarn is likely to run you $100 or maybe even more. this project is a good blend of being something i am likely to actually use and not being too hard on the wallet.

i used to be all about pink and green together, and then my interest in that particular combination started to wane. it can end up looking a lot preppier than i generally want to look. however, seeing this hot pink and almost forest green together (not to mention the other pinks and greens) makes me want to give it another go.

the stats:
  • materials: one skein of noro sekku, 24" size 3 needles
  • cost: yarn and needles were in my stash, but i happen to remember that the yarn cost $18.


PaperPhine said...

Beautiful project - also to use up some of the half-skeins of wool and yarn stashed away that are too precious to be donated to children's projects! And Noro looks beautiful, too (though I think I'll stick to Habu Yarns as my favorite for the moment).
Thanks for sharing and good luck with the projects to come!

kelly said...

thanks for the kind words, linda! i'm actually using up the last bits of that skein to make a little scarf to tie onto the strap of a plain tote bag. i might be posting it this weekend, or it might end up stretching out to next week. i actually haven't heard of habu yarns, but i will have to check them out!